70×70 cm, COLLAGE Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view Exhibition view 20×50 cm, tempera on paper
Limits – A Feasibility Study / B 42 Gallery, Goerlitz, 2010.
The work realized in a framework of the “Hallo Wrocław 2016. Connect. Divide” Festival

The work is an attempt to look on geopolitical processes from an aesthetic point of view. The potential of stains on the wall was already noticed by Leonardo. One form rises from another – the category of a formal apetitus has been known since ancient times. A similar process can be observed on the surface of the globe. Natural (accidental) landform features create shapes of countries (non-accidental ones?) and determine the fate of nations and communities. In a formal sense, the more varied the terrain and dense population, the more complex the line of division. While the European borders resemble informel solutions, borders on the desert refer to the geometric abstraction. The clarity of these barriers, however, is much softened today by a sfumato of a well-developed transportation network. Stains overlap each other and gently pass from one form to another.